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Catherine Deveny – Gunnas Writing Retreat

March 01, 2024

2024, Public Events, Writing Retreats

Immerse yourself in a transformative writing experience with a two-day boot camp held at the charming Seacroft Estate, a location steeped in history as a former monastery. This specially curated event integrates dedicated solo writing blocks, ensuring focused and undisturbed creation, alongside inventive prompt exercises designed to spark your creativity and navigate you through new narrative pathways. Various creative therapy sessions are interspersed throughout, offering a holistic approach to unleash and maintain your imaginative flow. All of this unfolds while you are ensconced in the tranquil ambiance of Seacroft Estate, where cosy beds and serene ocean views provide a peaceful backdrop and inspire a sense of calm and contemplation. Engage in a soulful journey where the boundaries between creativity and tranquility are blurred, facilitating an enriching and rejuvenating writing retreat in the heart of a historical setting.