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Events at Seacroft Estate

  • Social Gatherings: Birthday Celebrations, Family Reunions, Friends Groups
  • Corporate Events: Conferences, Team-Building Retreats, Industry Seminars, Writing Retreats, School Events
  • Wellness and Creative Retreats: Yoga Workshops, Wellness Retreats, Music Rehearsal Workshops
  • Special Ceremonies: Weddings, Engagements, Memorial Services
  • Religious Gatherings: Retreats, Team-Building, Youth Programs, Celebrations, Worship Services

Please contact Seacroft Estate for further information on hosting your own group event.

Public Events

Seacroft Estate is set against the picturesque backdrop of stunning farmland and forest, with the Great Ocean Road winding past and views of the rugged coastline and ocean. We warmly invite you to explore our public events, sign up, mark your calendars, and create unforgettable moments at Seacroft Estate.

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Events at Seacroft Estate