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Family Events at Seacroft Estate
Martin – Family weekend

Martin – Family weekend

2021, Family Events, Private Events

Martin’s two day family weekend getaway delivered a comfortable and adventurous retreat along the splendid Great Ocean Road for numerous families. Our spacious, family-friendly accommodations, equipped with ample DIY catering facilities, enabled guests to create their homely meals while enjoying a stay tailored to their pace and preferences. Venturing to iconic landmarks like the Twelve Apostles, engaging in tranquil coastal walks, and encountering vibrant local wildlife, families found the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation.

Family Christmas Getaway: Lorna’s Memorable Celebration at Seacroft

Family Christmas Getaway: Lorna’s Memorable Celebration at Seacroft

2020, Family Events, Private Events

Lorna, with her family in tow, decided on Seacroft Estate as their venue for a special Family Christmas Getaway. Nestled on the picturesque Great Ocean Road, Seacroft’s allure was hard to resist. It wasn’t just about the celebration; it was about spending quality time with loved ones in a place that resonates with beauty and warmth. Known for its Great Ocean Road group accommodation, Seacroft turned out to be the perfect backdrop for the family’s festive celebrations, offering them both intimacy and the grandeur of nature.

Seacroft’s Enchantments that Lit Up Their Festivities

The magic of Christmas was everywhere at Seacroft. With its stunning 180-degree ocean views, Lorna and her family felt like they were celebrating Christmas on the edge of the world. The estate’s historic self-contained spaces were adorned with festive decorations, adding a touch of vintage charm to their modern celebrations. Evenings were particularly special, with the family gathering around the Lotus Belle glamping tent, exchanging gifts, sharing stories, and basking in the warmth of the festive spirit. The comfort of Seacroft’s cozy, well-maintained rooms, combined with festive meals and laughter, made their Christmas truly magical.

Explorations and Adventures Beyond Seacroft

While Christmas was the highlight, the family made sure to explore the wonders surrounding Seacroft Estate. They took refreshing walks in the Great Otway National Park, appreciating the beauty of nature in its full glory. The iconic Cape Otway Lighthouse was another attraction they couldn’t miss, offering them panoramic views and a touch of history. A quick trip to Apollo Bay introduced them to the local festive delights and the vibrant culture of the region. Their Christmas getaway was a harmonious blend of celebration, relaxation, and exploration, making it a memorable experience for Lorna and her family.

Anne Marie – Heartfelt Connections at the Family Celebration

Anne Marie – Heartfelt Connections at the Family Celebration

2018, Family Events, Private Events

In the warmth of summertime, an extraordinary Family Celebration took place, marking an end-of-year familial gathering like no other. The focus of this event wasn’t just to bid farewell to the year but to foster stronger bonds among family members. Amidst the laughter and stories shared were remarkable ocean views that served as a backdrop to their intimate celebration. Seacroft Estate, known for its panoramic 180-degree ocean vistas, added a magical touch to their experience. This family event, unfolding over four unforgettable nights, became a cherished memory for everyone involved.

Unique Stays Enhance the Family Gathering

Choosing the right venue was crucial for their family reunion, and Seacroft Estate did not disappoint with its variety of unique stays. The family was delighted with the quirky charm of options like a Treehouse and a Lotus Belle glamping tent, making their family gathering even more special. The property’s ability to host up to 62 people meant that everyone, from the youngest to the eldest, could join the festivity. Adding to the Estate’s appeal were its historic charm as a former monastery and its tranquil rural setting, making it a perfect enclave for a family event focused on unity and joy.

Unforgettable Exploration During Festivities

The proximity of Seacroft Estate to local attractions like the Great Otway National Park enriched their family celebration beyond measure. Family members found themselves surrounded by natural beauty, venturing out to explore the dense rainforests and fern gullies of the park. The nearby waterfall walk was a favourite, adding an element of adventure to their intimate celebration. Evenings were spent recounting the day’s explorations, whether they were visits to the Twelve Apostles or strolls in the serene Apollo Bay. Each moment contributed to a family reunion that celebrated not just their ties, but also the captivating locale they found themselves in.