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Public Events

Seacroft Estate is set against the picturesque backdrop of stunning farmland and forest, with the Great Ocean Road winding past and views of the rugged coastline and ocean. We warmly invite you to explore our public events, sign up, mark your calendars, and create unforgettable moments at Seacroft Estate.

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Events at Seacroft Estate

Apollo Bay Cubing Competition

Apollo Bay Cubing Competition

2024, Public Events

Welcome to the Apollo Bay Cubing Competition 2024, a highlight event for puzzle enthusiasts and speed solvers from all corners of the globe. Situated near the scenic Seacroft Estate, this competition offers a unique blend of challenge and community in the stunning setting of Apollo Bay.

Engage in Competitive Cubing

The Apollo Bay Cubing Competition is not just any puzzle-solving event. It’s a venue where minds agile with algorithms converge to test their skills in a race against time. Participants of all age groups will find categories that suit their expertise, from beginners to seasoned cubers, ensuring everyone has a fair shot at proving their prowess.

What to Expect at the Event

Upon arrival, competitors and spectators will find a well-organized venue bustling with activity. Each participant will be given a schedule of their events, with various cubing puzzles lined up, from the traditional 3×3 Rubik’s Cube to the more complex shapes and sizes, offering a comprehensive test of speed and skill.

Experience the Community Vibe

What sets the Apollo Bay Cubing Competition apart is its vibrant community atmosphere. Between rounds, participants mingle, sharing techniques and stories of puzzling adventures. It’s a chance to learn from the best, make new friends, and get insights into advanced solving methods that can shave seconds off your time.

Tips for First-Timers

For those new to cubing competitions, here are a few tips:

  • Prepare: Practice with a timer to get used to the pressure of solving under time constraints.
  • Learn from others: Use the opportunity to watch and learn from more experienced cubers.
  • Enjoy the experience: Whether you’re competing or watching, soak up the fun and camaraderie of the event.

Beyond the Cubes

While the competition thrives on the thrill of the solve, the location offers much more. Apollo Bay is a gateway to numerous local attractions, such as the stunning Great Otway National Park and the tranquil Apollo Bay Harbour. Participants can enjoy these sites, making it a perfect family getaway.

After a day of competitive fun, relax in the comfort of Seacroft Estate, just a short drive from the competition venue. The estate provides a peaceful retreat with spectacular views of the Southern Ocean, ideal for unwinding after a day filled with mental exertion.

Apollo Bay Cubing Competition 2024 promises to be an event to remember. Whether you’re there to break records or just to enjoy the puzzles and community, it’s a perfect addition to any holiday itinerary, combining the challenge of competitive cubing with the beauty and hospitality of Apollo Bay. Join us for a puzzle-packed adventure where fun meets competition in a stunning seaside setting!

Clementine Ford and Libby O’Donovan – Witness Weekend

Clementine Ford and Libby O’Donovan – Witness Weekend

2024, Public Events, Retreats

Calling all lovers! Following a sold out national tour of their show ‘Love Sermon’, award winning performers Clementine Ford and Libby O’Donovan are hosting the first of their Witness Weekends.  The great loves of our lives are not necessarily those we share our beds with but those who witness us, and give us the gift of witnessing them in return. This February, Clementine and Libby invite a small number of people to join them for a summery weekend of songs, writing and joyful witnessing of each other. Mothers and daughters, best friends, sisters – no matter who your soulmate is, we want them there with you. Over three days and two nights, Clementine and Libby will create a truly unforgettable program that will leave you feeling enriched and full of love. With a gentle balance of structure and free time, guests will have the opportunity to join in workshops on writing, singing and show preparation, as well as present work of their own during a Saturday night ‘Why Not You?’ open stage performance. (Full program provided to attendees after sign up.) All meals will be provided. Let us take care of you as you take care of each other! Numbers are strictly limited, so get in quick! This is one weekend you won’t forget!

Catherine Deveny – Gunnas Writing Retreat

Catherine Deveny – Gunnas Writing Retreat

2024, Public Events, Writing Retreats

Immerse yourself in a transformative writing experience with a two-day boot camp held at the charming Seacroft Estate, a location steeped in history as a former monastery. This specially curated event integrates dedicated solo writing blocks, ensuring focused and undisturbed creation, alongside inventive prompt exercises designed to spark your creativity and navigate you through new narrative pathways. Various creative therapy sessions are interspersed throughout, offering a holistic approach to unleash and maintain your imaginative flow. All of this unfolds while you are ensconced in the tranquil ambiance of Seacroft Estate, where cosy beds and serene ocean views provide a peaceful backdrop and inspire a sense of calm and contemplation. Engage in a soulful journey where the boundaries between creativity and tranquility are blurred, facilitating an enriching and rejuvenating writing retreat in the heart of a historical setting.